Loosekid Industries

LKI was starting to make its way into the action sports field quite heavily and it seemed like a company I would love to be a part of! The name really attracted me and I thought it would be a good fit for me. I spoke to the owner of LKI Jason Daniels for a few weeks and met the crew up on the Gold coast.

I was very happy to come to an agreement with Loosekid that would have me repping the clothing and becoming their first female sponsored athlete. The company is bigger than ever right now and I’m stoked be a part of the team!

About LKI:

LKI is a young, fast growing action sports label founded in 2002 and established in 2007. The brand has been rapidly growing for the past 6 years and to sign female BMX athlete Lauren Reynolds to the team has been awesome for the image Lauren promotes. To have a female representing LKI and building our girls range, as well as the feedback Lauren gives to the brand is a real asset.

We are stoked to have her on the team and helping LKI grow the BMX Industry.

- Jason Daniel, Marketing, Loosekid Industries

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