Vie13 Kustom Clothing

Vie13 came on board to help make the Australian HPP team pants/shorts in 2010. The gear is all custom made to make you more aerodynamic in a crouched riding position. Its super lightweight and has been proven to take a lot of time off your bottom of the hill recorded time. Everyday they are coming up with bigger and better ways to make their riders faster.

I have made an agreement with Vie13 to help me out individually for 2013. Thank you Gary Ryan, owner and founder of Vie13 Kustom clothing.

About Vie13:

We’re a small group of cyclists who came to the conclusion that if we wanted purpose-built, technical gear without compromise, we had to make it happen ourselves.

Our kits are designed to be ridden hard and fast, abused day in and day out. These are the clothes that we race in and every inch has purpose: performance, comfort, and durability.

We’re always improving our clothing. We stay ahead of the curve by understanding the delicate balance between the cutting edge and the familiar.

Each season we spec the latest innovations in materials and fabrication. Each season our kit rides better and wears longer than before, yet the fit and comfort you’ll come to expect will remain the same. We don’t change what works, we just make it better.

We’re a small, full-service company. When you place an order with us, you’ll be working with one of us. We’ll attend to your order from handling your artwork all the way to delivery and we’ll update you in between.

Unlike other companies, we’re not afraid of the phone or the occasional face-to-face. Contact us to see samples. If we’re in the neighborhood, we’ll drop them off in person.

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