Ssquared Bicycles

I met Ssquared Bicycles at the 2012 ABA Grand’s Nationals. It’s the biggest race on the US circuit where all the Ppro’s and major factory sponsors are out and about. Its a perfect time to show yourself off, meet different companies in BMX and have fun! Huge thank you to the owner of Ssquared Bicycles John Sawyer for taking the time to meet with me and come to an agreement for my first Pro contract for the year of 2013!

About Ssquared:

With over 10 years put into studying, testing and researching frames, while watching the demands of BMX evolve, Ssquared Bicycles has come up with the winning BMX frame design, the “CEO”.

Offered to you in 13 different sizes, Micro, Mini, Junior, Expert, Expert XL, Pro, Pro XL, Pro XXL, Junior Cruiser, Expert Cruiser, Pro Cruiser, Pro XL Cruiser andPro XXL Cruiser. Frames are available at better bike stores or you can contact us directly.

On it’s maiden flight at the Disney cup A pro Josh Meyers did nothing less then fly to the front, pick up the A Pro win and was heard saying. “This is the best bike I have ever ridden”

The CEO from Ssquared Bicycles.

We are not reinventing the bicycle just making it better.  A lot better!


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